Container Program

Blue Ocean Traders offers a container program for Direct Import of our product overseas to your store or warehouse. Our container programs are available from India, China, Egypt, and Europe. You may order either a 20' or 40' container. Because container shipments are large direct import shipments, we discount our normal wholesale price by 40%. We will help you every step of the way from product selection to delivery to your store or warehouse!

When ordering a container, all items must originate from the same country (i.e. India, China, etc.) so that the items can be consolidated into a shipping container and loaded for transport overseas. With that said, you do not have to fill a container with all of the same item - we can create a product mix for you with a variety of furniture and accessories - both vintage and reproduction.

Please contact us for more information if you are ready to explore this exciting opportunity to grow your business!

Containers not quite the right fit for you? We also offer a volume discount of 20% off orders over $20K. This is a great option if you want to shop across our entire product line and receive your product within a shorter time period.